(Photo courtesy of Tom Hillson/Tom's Orchid Gallery)


Successful growing and blooming of orchids need not be difficult.  Many species and hybrids can be locally grown on a sunny windowsill, under plant lights, or in a greenhouse.
Our monthly meetings are informative and enjoyable with speakers & programs, blooming orchids, a plant raffle, refreshments, and members  willing to share their knowledge.  Taking place in two hours, that's a lot going on...

A hands-on part of our society is a group known as 'Green growers' - simply meaning those members having less experience with orchid growing.  These new members are encouraged to attend additional gatherings in more experienced members homes to see their methods of culture and just how it all works for them.

We also publish a monthly newsletter telling of our current happenings, announcements of upcoming events, and articles of interest in the orchid growing community to help keep us all informed.
To begin learning about these fascinating plants, or increase your knowledge, you are encouraged to attend our monthly meetings at the Barnwell Center in downtown Shreveport. 

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